Below is a collection of online resources relating to patent prosecution topics and intellectual property law. If you have a favorite tool that's not listed below, please let me know. I use a number these resources in my daily practice and find them very useful. I hope you will find them useful too!


USPTO Public PAIR allows you to access and download file histories for pending applications and issued patents at the USPTO.

USPTO Assignments allows you to look up assignment information for patents and patent applications.

USPTO Fee Schedule allows you to view the current USPTO fee schedule.

USPTO Portal for Unregistered Electronic Filer allows you to file your application and filing papers as an unregistered filer

All About Patents is a USPTO webpage that provides information about provisional, nonprovisional, design, plant, and PCT patent applications.

Inventor and entrepreneur resources is a USPTO webpage that provides access to a variety of products and services available from the USPTO.

Startup resources is a USPTO webpage that can help you address the intellectual property (IP) challenges specific to startups, including assessing your IP portfolio, securing funding, and guarding against costly infringement litigation.



Patent Bots provides patent prosecution examiner statistics to determine preferred prosecution strategies for particular examiners.

BigPatentData a data and research resource for more efficient patent prosecution.

ToolPat provides patent prosecution tools for more efficient patent prosecution.

Patent Bots provides automated proofreading and examiner statistics.

First Office Action Estimator allows you to check current estimates on how long it will take for a first Office Action.

USPTO Patent Database allows you to search the USPTO for patents and patent applications.

Pat2Pdf download free PDFs of patent and patent applications.

Google Patents allows you to search patents and patent applications.